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Bodhi Landa

wine director

Before relocating to New Orleans, Bodhi Landa worked as a sommelier, wine director and restaurant manager in New York City.

He holds a certification from the American Sommelier Association, which he gained while working as the cellar manager at the Waverly Inn in Manhattan. Having studied Art History and French as an undergraduate, Bodhi found that his passions--history, aesthetics, foreign languages--translated easily to the study of wine. He worked as a sommelier at the Waverly Inn for 2 years after completing his certification before relocating to Long Island to be the wine director at the Crow's Nest Inn in Montauk.

He has worked in other acclaimed New York City restaurants, such as the Beatrice Inn, Il Buco and Carbone. After moving to New Orleans, Bodhi spent a year as the sommelier at Josephine Estelle at the Ace Hotel. Now, as the wine director at Effervescence, he is focusing his palate on sparkling wine.