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Krug x Flower: Artichoke Brunch, Sunday June 30th

Krug's single ingredient paring is back at Effervescence!


This year, Krug celebrates the delicate elegance, exquisite diversity and unparalleled potential of Flower.

Our chefs highlight the Artichoke, the vegetable that blooms from the thistle to perfectly compliment the many complexities of the full and elegant multi-vintage Krug Grande Cuvée.

Experience the Krug x Flower pairing with a very special brunch this June.


We will also be serving an abbreviated bites menu Sunday June 30th to include oysters, pommes frites and desserts that can be ordered in addition to the Krug x Artichoke Brunch. 

Please note, we will not be serving our Caviar Bagel Brunch this week.

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