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crystal hinds


Born into a French and Italian family in Louisiana in the 1960's, I have joyous memories of starting any celebratory meal or occasion with a glass of sparkling wine and a toast. I associated champagne and sparkling wine with celebration, happiness, family, and friends. As my husband and I raised our three children, we continued that tradition. Just the pop or sigh of the cork brings a smile to my face and lifts my spirit- anytime, anywhere. I have been fortunate to travel and tour many wineries in France and the United States. I soon realized there are many affordable options when it comes to bubbles. A pricey bottle wasn't required to enjoy a sparkler & make an ordinary day special! They taste magnificent across price points and pair well with almost any food. Why should we wait for a special occasion or birthday to hear that "pop", let the "fizz" tickle your lips, and "clink" glasses with those you cherish? Isn’t today special enough? At 56 years old, I decided it was! My children were grown, so my husband and I moved to the French Quarter. After a lot of searching and even more dreaming, I found the perfect old house that needed some love and began to build a place where we could toast the everyday and invite others to do the same. With very little restaurant or bar experience, I ordered "Champagne for Dummies”, studied for my introductory sommelier certification, hired the best people I could find, and started on a journey! After all, life is too short not to! I invite you join me for some bubbles and bites, the Effervescence way.