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Photo of edouard majoie

edouard majoie


 Edouard Majoie is the Front of House Manager of effervescence. Hailing from Reims, France, a city situated in the heart of the famed Champagne region, Edouard finds himself at home in the bubbles-focused French Quarter restaurant. 

Edouard left Reims at age 20 and spent two years studying in Lyon, France before venturing to Queensland, Australia, to attend the University of the Sunshine Coast. There he earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing and communication and also met his future wife, Courtney, who was studying abroad from the United States.  

After marrying and dividing their time between France and the United States, Edouard and Courtney settled in San Diego, where Edouard began his hospitality career as a server in a small French restaurant. Following a two-year stint in California, Edouard moved to Virginia Beach to be closer to his wife’s family. In Virginia, Edouard served and subsequently managed the fine dining restaurant, Terrapin, where he learned under the tutelage of owner Brian Williams.     

Now, his wife’s enrollment in Tulane Law School brings the couple to New Orleans, where Edouard feels fortunate to have found effervescence, a perfect fit for his Champagne origin and love for hospitality.